Where to Find the Best Lake District BBQ Spots

Where to Find the Best Lake District BBQ Spots

As temperatures are set to rise this summer, it’s worth searching for the best Lake District BBQ spots. Especially if you’re looking to enjoy a romantic spa break in Windermere, where picnic spots in the Lake District are in abundance.

While the amazing scenery and vast countryside may seem an obvious choice to have a barbeque, there are a few things to be aware of first. It is, of course, important to be careful, not only looking after yourself but also your wonderful surroundings.

As such while sitting in a field may seem a good idea, there are percussions to take into consideration. If it’s been a  dry month, then fires can spread quickly, especially if your barbeque isn’t extinguished correctly or if the wind picks up.

It is also worth noting that even if you’ve found the ideal spot for your Lake District BBQ, you still need permission from the landowner. Therefore make sure you keep an eye out for official notices, or if you’re in doubt make an enquiry before you set off.

Fell Foot Park

When you’re staying at the Windermere Tranquil Retreat, then a trip along the Lake is a must. Head towards the south of the water and you will find Fell Foot Park, near Newby Bridge. It may not be available for BBQ’s, but it’s certainly an ideal picnic spot in Windermere.

Orrest Head

The Lake District National Park is famous for its lakes and large bodies of water, but it’s also the rolling hills that attract the tourists. The views over Windermere don’t come much better than upon Orrest Head, on a good day the visibility really is unbelievable.

Gummer’s How

Another wonderful picnic spot near Windermere is Gummer’s How. If you’re on a healthy spa break in the Lake District, then you’ll enjoy walking in the fells. The rewards come in many forms, the fresh air and the views out to Morecambe Bay. Maybe even a glass of wine with lunch. Plus there’s that Windermere hot tub awaiting your return.


Some of the best Lake District BBQ spots are hard to find, but if you’re lucky Brockhole will have what you’re after. Not only that, but there’s plenty more fun to be had in the area. You could relive your youth with a round of mini golf, or hire a rowing boat for a paddle on the water.


The secluded beaches of Buttermere will be perfect for a small disposable barbecue. Sit back and relax by the water’s edge. It may be one of the quieter Lake District BBQ spots, but that doesn’t mean you should still arrive there early. It’s always nice to have a choice of where to lay down the picnic blanket before unpacking the hamper.

So if you’re visiting the Lake District this summer and looking for somewhere to stay then book a spa suite at the Windermere Tranquil Retreat. Where you will find peace and tranquillity, as well as your private hot tub.

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